Hair Loss Remedy Reviews – Propecia

Hair Loss Remedy Reviews – Propecia – Propecia, a treatment based around the drug finasteride is designed to counter the progress of pattern baldness among men.  Designed specifically with a view to tackling the formation and creation of DHT within the body, which is largely responsible for hair loss in men.

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Unfortunately, the treatment is not suitable for women, and has no effective contemporary.  With men, effectiveness is shown to reach up to 82% in some studies, although others suggest this figure may be slightly lower.

Either way, the treatment, which is consumed orally, is backed by medical experts and a range of success stories, making it a popular choice for those suffering from male pattern baldness.  It works as an inhibitor, effectively distorting the production of the hormone DHT in the body, which is proven to be a significant cause of hair loss among men.

Furthermore its relation to the prostate makes it an interesting focal point for research work into reversing the effects of hair loss among men.

Although Propecia has proven to be successful in many patients, there is still some untested water, for example its effectiveness as regards hair loss around the temples.  That aside, it is clear that Propecia is an important treatment, and the positive reviews it receives from medical spheres as well as from the ordinary patients who use it every day is great testament to how well it works.  Furthermore, Propecia is quickly becoming one of the world’s most recognised brands for treating male pattern hair loss, and holds the approval of the FDA as a safe and powerful treatment.  Ask your doctor or pharmacist whether Propecia is available for you by prescription.

Alternatively, you may find Propecia available over the counter, although this is likely to be more restricted in high dosages.  After all is said and done, Propecia has built a loyal following of professionals and patients, which would be enough to suggest that it is indeed an effective treatment for those men suffering from hair loss.